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Message started by BloodyRue on Mar 13th, 2012 at 7:38am

Title: Barack Hussein Obama's 2011 M. V. Vacation.
Post by BloodyRue on Mar 13th, 2012 at 7:38am
Barack Hussein Obama's 2011 Martha's Vineyard vacation arrival.

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Ok, I invested the time into videoing the exhaled majesty OBAMA arrival. HAAH, 20 maybe 30 people were there, mostly workers in the area after work. I got about 30 min of raw footage, I will post that as is on youtube. SS sent a state trooper to inspect my truck. the choppers were blocked by trees and buses. oh well. the crowd was more interesting.

Egads the wasted taxdollar spectacle, shutting down the airport. coast guard chopper, 3 Chinook Choppers, at least 10 SS vehicles, local cops, state troopers, airport vehicles, 2 fire engines 1 ambulance. bomb sniffing dogs for the blockade of school buses (they used local school buses to barricade off the choppers, how legal is that?) they even crashed a rental vehicle into one of the school buses. opening the hoods of their own vehicles on the tarmac, SS personnel roaming the area, 8 or so other unexplained vehicles. WASTE!

I will not spend the time to edit this, view it raw when I upload.

The Dow tanked another 400 points, unemployment is up and the man with the job is vacationing in richville USA, the supposed people he is against and trying to  tax more.  I ain't rich, I have had 3 jobs at the same time here for the past 6 years, I enjoy my vacations elsewhere where its cheaper.   Gas is $4.69/gallon, it costs about $90.00 round trip for each vehicle to get here. DO THE MATH!

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