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    A message from my 5 Year Old Son!
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    BloodyRue Offline
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    A message from my 5 Year Old Son!
    Nov 13th, 2011 at 11:13am
    My son would like to type so here it is:

    Wow, that was amazing.
    When I was a kid growing up on West Chop, we had a garage behind the house that had a manual typewriter.

    We used to play with it and the best thing was smashing all the keys at once to make the typer bars  lock up in a big mess.  We didn't have ink or paper.

    When I was at the M.V.R.H.S, they had an elective for typing. This was in 1976. Mrs. Lasser was the teacher, as I remember. I never thought I would use typing for anything. No computers back then.

    When I got my Apple IIe (I still have it btw), I was exposed to the keyboard in a new way. I got a word processor software package and found my typing skills were actually usable.

    Eventually, I wound up at the Cape Cod Community College and had access to a word processor in an external business. My handwriting is atrocious and typing seemed to be my correction.

    Longest story shortened, I can type 60wpm. Met my wife in an internet chatroom, of all the weird places. 

    Nowadays, my kid can type stuff like that on a wireless keyboard and post messages that are readable anywhere.

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